A Revolution in SMB Vulnerability Management

Plug-and-play simplicity at a price every SMB can afford.

The new Nodeware Vulnerability Management Solution enhances security for SMBs by proactively identifying, monitoring, and notifying businesses of potential vulnerabilities in their networks—all with breakthrough simplicity and affordability.

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See How Nodeware Works

Utilizing proprietary software and the compact Nodeware Sensor, Nodeware works in three phases:

1. Identification

  • The user’s network is continuously scanned to locate and identify every connected device with an IP address, from computers and smartphones to printers and smart devices
  • Includes scanning of external-facing IPs to provide a 360-degree view of network vulnerabilities

2. Monitoring

  • All connected devices are then scanned 24x7 for vulnerabilities such as missing software patches

3. Notification

  • All scan information, including vulnerabilities, is displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard, including instructions for remediation
  • A proprietary “SPF” (Security Protection Factor) scoring system makes it easy to understand the network’s health
  • Users and their IT security providers can be alerted to critical issues via email or text
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Plug & Play

No more complicated configurations

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Quality Manufacturing

Built to survive any environment

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Approximate Size

3.5" L x 2.5" W x 2.5" H

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Network View

Quick access to "SPF" (security protection factor) and device inventory

Endpoint Inventory

MAC/IP address, hostname - OS

Access Customers

Access all your customers' vulnerability data

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